Susanne Amoraal 5.1

Coaching & Healing

Welcome beautiful soul! So happy you found your way to this website, to me. I love to support you in your personal growth. The essence of the sessions and gatherings I facilitate is to reconnect with yourself. With your center. That’s where you will find your inner peace. That’s where you can experience your wholeness.

The sessions are in English or Dutch. I’m still practicing my Spanish :).  


We are multidimensional beings. This means we experience ourself on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. And it’s all connected with eachother. Bodywork is a profound way to work with the energy of every plane.

Through an energetic massage and/or de-armouring session you will reconnect with your body so the energy can flow freely again. While you relax and sink deeper into your body we will explore what’s stored there and what you can release or embrace.

The sessions are being held in Quart, Girona, Spain and the investment is €195 per session, €495 for 3 sessions.


With an aura reading we can either do a general reading of your energysystem, your aura or we can get into a theme that’s currently present and you would like to get more information and answers too. The reading is often also percieved as a healing for your soul.

If you want a short version of a reading (to give as a gift for yourself or someone else), I will use my spiritual card deck as a guide for the reading.

The sessions are remote. The investment for the extensive aura reading is €195 and the reading with a card deck is €95. In both cases I will send an audio file afterwards.


If you have a specific theme, trauma or question you want to work on, you can book a healing session. During this sessions we will dive deep into your family and/or energetic system and find the source of that what’s keeping you from your center, your essence.

For the healing sessions I’ll use all different kinds of technics like PSYCH-K, Systemic Work (family constellation), Reading and Body consciousness.

The sessions are remote (video call) or physically in Quart, Girona, Spain and the investment is €195 per session. If you book 3 sessions you pay €495 for all.


If you are ready for a deep-dive and really want to make a (life) change you are more than welcome to join one of our retreats. A week full of healing, singing, joy and also deep innerwork. The aim is to (re) connect with yourself.

There are different kind of retreats in English or Dutch I offer through my company: For now only the Private retreats are in English. Women retreats and Back to your Essence is in Dutch.

The retreats are held at our beautiful retreat center in the nature of Girona, Spain.

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