Susanne Amoraal 3.1

About me

About 40 years ago I was born in the Netherlands. My start wasn’t so easy since I had to have a heart surgery when I was 4 months old. My heart was literally open. I’m very lucky that I live a healthy live since then. As you can imagine my heart has always been special to me. First it was my physical heart, now it’s my energetic heart.

When I was 25 years old, I started the healing journey deep within me. It led me through some dark places. Places of pain, abandonment, doubt and fear. And every time I went through a rough time, I got out free, more self-conscious and more alignment with my essence.

I’m a mother of two sons and live since 2022 with my family in Spain. My life is still not always easy, but who says it has to be. There is so much joy, inner peace and freedom I experience on this earth. I can honestly say I love life and everything that comes with it. My life is an unique experience. As is yours.

Please call, text or e-mail me if you want to book a session or more information: +31 6 28367914 /